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2023: Look Beyond Oratory, Daniel Charges Electorate

Says power of oratory is different from performance

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Former Governor of Ogun State, Otunba Gbenga Daniel, has urged the electorate to look beyond oratory skills and elect leaders who can perform, in forthcoming polls.


“We have instances of people that people don’t think they can perform, who performed and we have so many instances of those that people think are great performers who have not yet performed. What I have found out, and I want you to take note of this carefully, is that power of oratory is different from performance.


The politician disclosed while answering questions from Members of the Editorial Board of the Penpushing Media, who paid him a courtesy call in Abeokuta, Ogun state.
Chairman of the Board, Mrs. Olufunke Fadugba, led the team, which included the Founder, Prince Dimeji Kayode-Adedeji, Mr. Eddy Aina and Mr. Yemisi Fadairo.

Daniel said, “I have found out in our environment that quite many people, who know how to blow a lot of grammar; you know, they will talk and talk and talk and they are very good in oratory, but when you put them in a position to work with the people, interact with the people, appreciate their problem, go out and solve it, you found them wanting. And if you look at the typical example of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, he was not a strong orator, he was a planner, strategist and tactician, who does the work, defines the problem, goes out for it, resolves it and gets the result, whereas, Zik was a big orator.

“So, when you look at the traction in the East of those days and the West, how is it that it is the West, under the great Awo, not the orator, that blazes the trail in virtually everything, while the orator was now following? As we go into this particular race, our people must open their eyes wide. It is not about oratory,” Daniel added.


The former governor, who hinted of the possibility of his contesting for a Senatorial seat in 2023, noted, however, that, the race is not for the swift, the former governor stating that “from contemporary experience, it is not that it seems that it is something positive, because it means that people who work so hard historically have not attained it.


“And if you start from the First Republic, where you have flamboyant politicians, like Maitama Sule, and all those that said they wanted to be president, even the great Zik of Africa, could not get it, the great Awo did not get it, one way or the other. The same thing repeated itself in the Second Republic, when it was Shagari, who wanted to go to Senate.

“Maybe now that I want to go to Senate, I will follow Shagari because It was Shagari who said he wanted to go to the senate, but against the hardest working politician at that time and others, it was him that emerged President, and that’s the Second Republic, and now military interregnum, and then it is baba, who told the people who first came to him, when he came out of prison, that they are crazy, that emerged.


“After baba was my colleague in the Executive, Yar Adua, who just wanted to go back to Katsina, and then he didn’t want it. He was the one who emerged, and the one who said he had no shoes emerged and so on. Even Buhari, who had said he was not going to contest again after trying on a few occasions, is our president today. So, historically, if you look at that trend, it has not changed and I am not so sure it’s about to change; that the race is not usually for the swift,’ he said.


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